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AlignMat is Australia's number one provider of high-quality posture correctors! Decrease stress, anxiety & replace it with a calm mind, better sleep and improved posture!

In 2021 we often find ourselves sitting in an office chair all day, staring down at our smartphones and slouching as we play video games. This makes maintaining a good posture nearly impossible to achieve! Bad posture is on the rise in Australia but first, how does one identify it?

First, good posture begins with the back muscles keeping the spine in perfect alignment. This helps support the spine and keep it in optimum function. Over time, our poor daily habits, lack of exercise & weakened back muscles start to affect posture, causing slouching and rounded shoulders! Poor posture can also be a genetic trait or even caused by injuries that negatively affect the motion and natural alignment of the spine.

Due to our back muscles playing such a vital role with posture it's best to start with focusing on training & building up those muscles. As discussed when our back muscles are strong they provide support in keeping the natural alignment of the spine. Simple exercises and light weight lifting can really make a difference, combine that with a posture corrector and you will find your bodies spine naturally correct itself. Here are just a few posture correctors that we recommend if you're ready to stop the slouching and stand straight!

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