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Cuts and burns are common in our day to day lives, especially with children and housewives engaged in domestic works. While a cut simply refers to an injury with bleeding caused by a sharp object, burns are characterized by minor to severe skin and tissue damages caused by many reasons including heat, cold, electricity, radiation, chemical, or friction.

Domestic burn accidents, generally happen due to negligence or ignorance, found to be both minor and serious injuries. Minor burns affect only the superficial layers of skin, called the first degree burns and in most cases are treatable at home without complications. But we also hear of severe accidents in homes with second, third, or even fourth-degree burn injuries which call for immediate hospitalization.

Different Degrees Of Burn

First degree burns:

Affect only the superficial or outer layer of skin and last for 4-6 days, with the burn-area becoming red, painful, and dry but with no blisters. Usually get cured at home on its own or by some topical medicines.

Second-degree burns:

Affect the epidermis or outer layer as well as the inner or dermis layer of the skin. The burnt area turns deep red and may appear wet, shiny, and swollen with blisters and pain.

Third-degree burns:

A deep burn type in which the injury causes the skin death by turning it white and without sensation. In more severe cases the damage may progress even to tissues underneath.

Fourth-degree burns:

Most severe burn type in which the burn injury extends beyond skin and tissues to affect tendons and bones.

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