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Campus Crusade for Christ

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Campus Crusade for Christ was established in 1951 by Bill & Vonette Bright and is located in California. What started as a crusade to win the hearts and minds of the people to understand and worship Jesus, has grown into a leading campus containing more than 27,000 staff members and 225,000 volunteers in over 190 countries.

Created to protect the faith of the Holy Spirit and encourage other to practice his word, Campus Crusade for Christ, has been recognized around the world for its spiritual movements. Using a hands-on approach, the dedicated volunteers work tirelessly day and night, trying to reach as many people as possible and spread the word of God.

The Crusade for Christ believes that God has called upon them to engage others to follow down the path with them. They are determined to reach as many people on this earth as possible and have set firm goals to create churches in the most remote areas of the world. By reaching out to those who would have otherwise been overlooked, they can help to bring the people together to worship and practice Gods teachings, as one.

Additionally with today's technology and the widespread availability of the internet, they are able to reach people much easier than previously possible. By placing their teachings on a web site, the Campus Crusade for Christ can attract people to begin a relationship with God. The Campus Crusade for Christ has created a Statement of Faith that must be followed by all who chose to join in their cause without any interpretation except that of the bible.

To help assist with the volunteers and spreading the word, Campus Crusade for Christ has developed different movements that are aimed at specific groups of volunteers. They are broken down into four movements: Student, leader, church-based and virtual movements. Each movement has its own following, which they reach out to in an attempt to spread the word and grow in numbers.


With an ambitious and dedicated staff and thousands of volunteers, the mission of the Campus Crusade for Christ is to reach as many people as possible to follow with them in the journey to practice Gods word. Through spiritual movements, Churches across the world and the internet, they hope to achieve a world of peace, who worship the Holy Spirit. By penetrating all areas of society, their movement hopes to build faith in God, one person at a time.

The Crusade is known as the biggest evangelism mission in the world and with that comes a great responsibility to ensure that the mission of the crusade is taken seriously. The founders are very active in the organization and inspire their volunteers and members to achieve new heights while carrying out the mission. With over 60 years of experience behind them, the Campus Crusade for Christ, which was originally started on a college campus, is able to carry out their missions effectively around the world.

To help aid their mission the Campus Crusade for Christ has developed four different specialized movements. Each movement focuses on a select group of people to both teach and inspire to volunteer towards their missions. The Student movement is geared toward college students in hopes that the students will spread the word across campus, much like the crusade's roots in 1951. There is also a leader movement that reaches out to business owners and community leaders along with a church based movement that builds churches in areas where there are none in an attempt to plant religion.

The organization also offers a virtual movement which takes advantage of the technologies available today to reach out to millions of people online. With over 27,000 members worldwide the mission of the Campus Crusade for Christ is in action every day, across the world.


Campus Crusade for Christ was developed in 1951 by Bill and Vonette Bright on a campus at UCLA. Originally the crusade was developed for college students, as a way to spread the word of God. The organization quickly spread, with Bill and Vonette taking on six staff members, officially in 1952. From 1952 through 1958 the crusade spread its word through college campuses nationwide. In 1958, however, the crusade decided that it needed to expand and Campus Crusade for Christ set up its first international ministry in South Korea. At the end of 1959, a mere eight years after the crusade started, it was active in three international countries and on over 40 college campuses across the United States.

In the 1960s, the Campus Crusade for Christ focused on expanding its efforts beyond the colleges. Beginning in 1962, they purchased a location in San Bernardino, California to use as their headquarters. San Bernardino was their headquarters for over three decades, until they relocated to Orlando, Florida in 1991. In 1965, the crusade started what is now known as the Keynote - a musical ministry. The purpose of the music ministry was to spread the word of God through gospel music around the world. By the end of the 1960s, the Crusade was active in more than 25 countries proving that their dedication to God showed no boundaries.

The growth of the Campus Crusade for Christ continued in this fashion through the next four decades with a total of over 190 countries being a part of the largest evangelist group in the world. The founder, Bill Bright, died in 2003 after a bout with pulmonary fibrosis. Two years before he passed, however, he named Steve Douglass as his successor. Douglass still runs the Campus Crusade for Christ as of 2011. In 2011, the crusade decided to change its name to "Cru".

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