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Catholic Medical Mission Board

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Catholic Medical Mission Board is a leading Catholic charitable institution that provides healthcare services. The Catholic Medical Mission Board strives to provide health care facilities to the poor and needy people across the globe. This organization firmly believes in healing the world with the love and affection of Jesus Christ. It has spread its wings across the globe to help everyone irrespective of their cast, race, religion, gender, nationality or color.

Currently, John F. Galbraith is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the CMMB whereas Thomas J. Gray Senior is the Vice President of Operations and Chief Financial Officer. CMMB's programs are spearheaded by Jeffrey Jordan Senior. Catholic Medical Mission Board has its presence in United States, South Africa, China, Russia and many other countries.

Catholic Medical Mission Board works by integrating the health care programs with man power. They provide free medical facilities and serve the poor and needy people. CMMB strives to maintain wellbeing and good health of these individuals. They design and implement different health programs. Most of these programs are focused on prevention, control and awareness about Malaria, AIDS and HIV. Special programs are designed for mother and child care too.

These programs aim at providing better medical facilities to expecting mothers. They offer pre-natal and post-natal care to the women and infants. Catholic Medical Mission Board offers three categories of programs namely the medical volunteer program, the healing help program and the healthcare program.

The commonly known healthcare programs of CMMB are ANISA, AIDS Relief, Action for Family Health, Born to Live, Malaria Communities Project, Men Taking Action, Mentor Mothers, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Tusaidiane, Unidos Contra la Mortalidad Infantil, Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision and Zambia Leprosy. These health care programs are intended towards better health and living standards of the citizens. Over the years, CMMB has emerged as one of the most reliable charitable organizations for healthcare across the world.


Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) is a faith based organization that is a pioneer in providing health care facilities across the globe. Catholic Medical Mission Board was founded in the year 1912. The mission of this organization is to work in co-operative manner with various organizations to provide proper health care facilities to people across the globe irrespective of their color, gender, religion, nationality or race. CMMB was founded with a vision to create a world where every human life was valued irrespective of the religion, creed, nationality etc.

The organization aims at providing quality healthcare to the needy people across the globe. Catholic Medical Mission Board works on eight core values. These values are compassion, integrity, leadership, quality collaboration, social justice, courage and risk taking and building individual and community capacity. CMMB has its offices in Asia pacific, Haiti, Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Sudan, Peru and South Africa. As the name suggests, the organization primarily deals in designing and implementing health care programs.

Catholic Medical Mission Board has partnered with several other organizations in their endeavor to provide quality health care facilities to the needy people across the globe. Some of these partners are Catholic Bishops' Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, Global Health Council, Maternal Life Institute, Network of AIDS Researchers of Eastern and Southern Africa, Pan American Health Organization, UNICEF, UNICAH, Catholic Health Association of India, Abbot Fund and Caritas Internationalis, etc.

In the span of 75 years, CMMB has evolved into a global faith based leader in providing health care services. They also have medical volunteer programs where the volunteers help the needy by assisting them with medical health care facilities. The organization plays a pivotal role in creating awareness, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other life threatening diseases. The CMMB organization is on the right path to fulfill its mission of providing better health care facilities to the needy.


The Catholic Medical Mission Board was founded by Dr. Paluel Flagg. He was an anesthesiologist by profession and the plight of leprosy victims in Haiti moved him deeply. He decided that there needs to be an organization that can provide health care facilities to such needy people that helps to heal them. He firmly believed that every human life was valuable and one must do everything in their capacity to assure qualitative health care facilities across the globe. The year 1931 saw the first impact by the volunteers in various programs of CMMB.

The volunteers made hospital gowns from old clothes and also prepared compressed bandages and gauzes. This gave rise to volunteer groups known as "Blue Cross Circles". These volunteers collected medicines from pharmacies, hospitals and individuals in order to distribute them among the needy people. The year 1949 saw the involvement of Bishop Fulton Sheen in this cause. He urged the pharmacies to donate medicines to catholic medical mission board. This laid the foundation of corporate social responsibility. Even today, pharmacies continue to donate medicines to the mission.

The year 1961 was marked by the acquisition of a larger warehouse in long islands. Today this facility uses hi-tech devices and technology to distribute medicines and provide healthcare facilities. In the year 1966 father Joseph J Walter became the director of Catholic Medical Mission Board. Under his guidance the mission started funding health care facilities in the developing nations. This helped to create global awareness about the plight of needy people in these countries.

In the year 1999, CMMB started 'Cure TB' program in Zambia. The program saw a success rate of 85%. It helped several people including young children to recover from tuberculosis. The year 2000 marked the launch of "Fighting AIDS" program. Even today, this program continues to create awareness, prevent and treat HIV/AIDS patients across the globe.

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