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Any run of the mill ailment generally gets ignored by us or receives some home treatment at the most. Strep throat is one of those conditions that generally come and go once or twice in a year during the change of season, without having us visit doctors.

However, a simple and innocent strep throat can lead to a bigger problem if it keeps coming back shortly. It is a warning your body sends to tell you that all is not well, and it's time you see a doctor.

Strep throat is a type of inflammation and pain in the throat caused by a bacterial infection that affects people of all ages. However, young children and aged people are more likely to fall because of less immunity and ease of catching an infection. Chances are that you may have experienced strep throat and therefore are aware of its symptoms. However, it is still worth a look at the symptoms listed below to stay aware and take prompt action in case they keep coming back.

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