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Disabled American Veterans

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Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a non-profit charity organization that supports disabled American veterans and their families in various causes. Currently the organization has over 1.2 million members and it is proud of the dreams that it is fulfilling for numerous disabled veterans of America. DAV has about 52 state level departments and about 1900 local chapters.

The Disabled American Veterans organization has proudly served war veterans for more than nine decades. It has been a backbone for the disabled veterans of America. It has provided valuable mental and financial support to the veterans. Without the helping hand of DAV, these veterans would have been long forgotten in today's race for survival.

The service that the Disabled American Veterans organization provides is a true mark of tribute and respect for the veterans. These people have put their lives at risk for a social cause, bravely faced their ordeal and brought honor to the nation. The National Service Program of the Disabled American Veterans is dedicated to the service of these veterans and their dependents. They have about 88 offices in the United States and Puerto Rico and there are about 260 National Service Officers that represent and help the disabled veterans at the government offices like the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense.

The DAV helps the disabled veterans of the military through special services. This is known as the Transition Assistance Program. There are transition officers who help in the transition of a disabled military veteran to a self sufficient civilian. There are about 38 transition offices across the country.

Of late, the Disabled American Veterans' Voluntary Service is gaining popularity. Here an individual can show his / her respect to the disabled veteran by offering a free ride for the veterans. There are about 198 DAV Hospital Service Coordinator offices across the country.



The mission of the Disabled American Veterans is one of humanitarian compassion. The sole purpose of the Disabled American Veterans organization is to cater to the needs of veterans who have been injured or disabled while fighting for the nation. The service of the Disabled American Veterans is not just limited to the injured veteran, but extends support to the family of a veteran killed or lost at war.

The purpose of the Disabled American Veterans is realized in the form of different services. These services are aimed at helping veterans in building better lives. This is also a mark of admiration and tribute to them for the valuable services rendered despite the huge personal sacrifices.

Services offered by the Disabled American Veterans are in the form of education, medical facilities, employment to these veterans and their families. Other services like assistance in making the veterans get their claims, pensions, compensations and gratuity from the government offices are also present. These services see to it that the veteran get his / her dues painlessly and in due time. Apart from this, monetary help in terms of donations by corporate and individuals is also accepted by the Disabled American Veterans.

Over three quarters of this money is given to the betterment of a veteran or his / her kin. There are volunteer network services that offer common men a chance to help the veterans by offering his / her share of contribution to the welfare of these heroic people.

From the committed services and hard work that the Disabled American Veterans has been carrying out, it is definite that they are bringing in a difference not only to the lives of the veterans but to the common man as well. Organizations like DAV are making a person realize the meaning of selfless courage, honor and sacrifice.


The aftermath of the First World War brought with it a lot of causalities. Majority of them were veterans wit various disabilities and other problems. These veterans who came back home found themselves lost and without any support from the government. They felt shunned, rejected and helpless.

On 1920, Christmas Day, Robert S. Marx, a Judge of Cincinnati Superior Court and a disabled captain himself, came up with the idea of the Disabled American Veterans organization. This saw the birth of the Disabled American Veterans of the World War, which came to known as DAVWW.

Judge Marx was a part of the election campaign for James M. Cox (who was standing for Governor of Ohio) and traveled throughout the United States. This also gave him the chance to utilize his skills of organization and influence to spread the word of the DAVWW and thereby attracting the attention of many high profile people who became corporate sponsors to the program.

Henry Ford was the first corporate sponsor. The first celebrity sponsor was Rudolph Valentino. By the mid- thirties despite the after effects of depression, money to help the disabled veterans started pouring in.

The DAVWW set up its offices in Washington and many medical facilities that cater to the needs of the disabled veterans were established. When the threat of the Second World War came into being, the DAVWW decided to drop down World War reference from the organization's name and resorted to the name of Disabled American Veterans, a name that it holds till date.

During the Second World War, the DAV under the management of two war veterans namely General Melvin J. Maas and General Jonathan Wainwright revolutionized the objectives of the DAV. This brought in more avenues for service, assistance and employment to the veterans. Ever since the revamp of office and inclusion of the strategic plan in the year 1993, the Disabled American Veterans has been functioning very well.

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