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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, founded in 1870, is one of the largest art museums in the world. Being home to more than two million works of art, this museum offers the public a chance to see history as it has played out over hundreds of centuries around the world. Located in New York City, this Metropolitan Museum of Art is visited by nearly five million people each year.

The museum was created to preserve the various works of art that have significant history and heritage. By opening its doors to the public the goal was to have people of all walks of life learn the history of the world and obtain a better understanding and appreciation for art. With endless volunteers and donations, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been able to stay open to the public and maintain their displays.

For the average person, who has a limited understanding of art, this museum offers guided tours with well-versed staff members available to answer all your questions about different displays. The museum with its many different time periods provides an atmosphere filled with wonder. One can be truly overwhelmed by the seemingly endless works of art from its vast displays of musical history to the History of War. For the children it offers them the chance to explore and learn while having a fun day out. There are also different events that go on weekly; hence it is best to obtain a brochure upon entry.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has successfully achieved what is set out to do: bring art to America. Larger than life, this museum has exceeded every expectation it set out to achieve. Having been enjoyed by millions of people from around the globe, the Metropolitan Museum of Art continues to grow as time moves forward and searches out more priceless works of art to preserve each year.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art was established in 1870 to collect, preserve, educate, study and exhibit art. To this day it still holds these original goals to the highest standard. Having nearly five million people from around the world visit this museum yearly, is an accomplishment never imagined when the founders set up the original museum at 681 Fifth Avenue.

The main mission of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is to house all of the artwork that has been created in the past by famous artists. In doing so, the museum allows people to study and learn from the artworks as well as provide the works for visitors to appreciate.

Housing over two million pieces of art, and growing with each year the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a place of wonder to all who visit, as well as to the benefactors and board of trustees. With their dedicated staff paying attention to every minute detail and arranging the art displayed into different time periods and styles, the museum has definitely achieved its goal of bringing art to America.

The facilities are designed to captivate an audience while also educating them. Through these art displays the public can learn about history from prehistoric to present day, engage in conversation with the museums educated staff, all while enjoying a day out with their family. Children are learning an appreciation for art at an early age which will help to keep the museum going for many years to come, bringing the fruition of education to the forefront of the museum's mission. The museum is dedicated to preserving and display of art and takes every precaution to ensure that all art on display is accurate in its accounting.


Known to locals as the Met, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York City's biggest museums. With over two million pieces of art displayed in this museum, it is no wonder that more than five million people visit this museum every year. The museum was established in 1870 by American citizens who wanted to use the museum to not only preserve art to but educate the American people about art from around the world. The museum opened to guests in February of 1872 and has been a staple of New York City since.

The first president of the museum was John Taylor Johnston. Johnston was a railroad employee whose personal art collection was spread throughout the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was not long after the museum was established that there was a need to expand in order to house all of the works of art. Originally the museum was located at 681 Fifth Avenue, but over the years has gone through a move and has expanded to the areas surrounding Central Park. With over two million square feet, the Metropolitan Museum as of 2010 was over

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