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Senior Life Advisor is a resource for senior citizens, providing budget strategies and guidance on the acquisition of insurance & composition of estate plans.

Stressing financial and legal literacy, Senior Life Advisor was established as a resource for senior citizens, providing guidance on the acquisition of insurance, composition of estate plans, and development of a stable budget. Our panel of experts, incorporating lawyers, certified financial planners, and healthcare-industry pundits, are committed to providing the building blocks for long-term financial and medical stability, offering authoritative advice without the retaining fee.

On Wednesday, Apple will report its fourth quarter earnings. Apple is one of only two trillion companies, but because of its ubiquitous iPhone, it's the most closely observed company in the world.

Investors fall into one of two camps when it comes to Apple: One camp believes its best days are behind it, and the other camp believes its best days lie ahead.

Pessimists feel Apple is a one trick pony and with sales of the iPhone slowing, there's nothing left in the gas tank. Optimists say the push into services - music streaming, TV, cloud storage, even credit cards - among its billion-plus customers may have better profit margins than phones, and constitute a growing portion of revenues. Also, the more than $100 billion in cash, and a commitment to buying back its shares, is a big plus too.

After Apple releases its report, Wall Street analysts will be looking very closely at iPhone 11 sales, services revenue, share buybacks, and the iPhone forecast. A mishap on any of these items will likely send the stock sputtering. For traders, this is a problem, but for long term investors, which is what individual investors should be, a quarterly miss is often just short term noise.

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