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Cold viruses and allergies have similar symptoms. Many times, problems that appear like cold infections at first later turn out to be allergies. During this time of the year as people mostly stay indoors, they get affected by the allergens living on curtains, carpets, sofas, and other furniture thanks to dust mites, pets, leftover foods, etc.

Cold symptoms usually start with a sore throat and swallowing problem which may last for 2-3 days followed by a runny or blocked nose and cough by the time it rolls into a fourth or fifth day. Though fever isn't common in adults due to cold, children are likely to have a fever from cold. Cold symptoms generally run for nearly seven days of which first two-three days is the period when one is contagious. So in the initial few days, it is advisable to stay home and avoid coming close to others in order to prevent cold virus infections.

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